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  • Sharanja De Zoysa

Cyber Warfare - SLMUN Article 2

‘Every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you’

UNODC - 2016

In a world so technologically advanced it no surprise technology is being used as a weapon. Cyber warfare is a very real threat and although the thought of there being spies among us seems like something out of a movie, there are many hackers and virtual spies everywhere. In a world fueled by espionage the issue of global information security is becoming increasingly vital.

Allegations against China’s cyber spy operation code-named ‘Dancing Panda’ kick-started debate today. But these according to the delegate of China were mere allegations with no proof and “the allegations are as ridiculous as the name”. However we know “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable” (George Orwell)

How far would a government go to protect its people? …

Surveillance programs… bad or good?

Although George Orwell was writing about a dystopian society in 1984, the idea of “big brother” watching your every move applies to current times. Countries like China go to the extent of censoring the Internet and compromising on their people’s rights, such as their right to freedom of expression, all for national security. Do you honestly feel comfortable knowing your government may be watching your every move? Where do you draw the line on “spying”, whether it’s your own people or another country? When is it simply surveillance or espionage pertinent to national security and when is it an infringement of sovereignty? So should private companies such as Apple and Google (with reference to the situation with Syed Farook) corporate with law enforcement and help them “spy” on society in the name of national security? Are you comfortable with state sponsored hacking in the name of national security? This is becoming a game of corporate sector versus law enforcement. However with the dark web nothing is impossible anymore and there is always a way to find out even personal facts.

Are there any solutions for the dark web? Is there a way to control it?

One thing is for sure for as long as the dark web exists the viability of legalized global use of bit coins, as tradable currency is not feasible as bit coins fuel the dark web. The rise of "hactivist" groups such as The Anonymous that aren’t bound by laws and are simply after vigilante justice are a growing threat to us and these were amongst the many things addressed today.

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